New Product 2012 - Black Mulch


The sun is out again and the days are getting warmer!  Don’t forget to replenish the mulch in your flower gardens and around your trees!

We are introducing a new product this year to our already highly successful mulch product line, black mulch!  Black mulch is a beautiful mulch that will help provide a strong contrast to the existing plants in your landscape.  This strong contrast will really make your landscape pop!  This dyed mulch will provide all of the same benefits for your plants as our other dyed mulches and our Special Blend Mulch.

We are also continuing our line of leaf mulch, this product is becoming more and more popular as a benefit to your flower and vegetable gardens.  Mix it in with the soil to provide an increased amount of organic matter which will help with water retention during the dry summer months.  The leaf mulch will also break down and incorporate itself with your already fertile soil.

Not sure how much mulch you need for your landscape?  Use our mulch calculator to determine approximately how much you will need for your yard.

Read more about all of our mulch products and decide which ones will work best for your or your client’s landscape!


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