House shaded by trees

Large growing deciduous trees planted on the south and west sides of your home will help keep your house cool during the summer when the trees are in leaf.  Summer cooling bills can be reduced up to 50% or more.  During the winter, when leafless, the trees will allow the winter sun to shine through and warm the house and windows.

Windbreak example

An evergreen conifer windbreak planted on the north and northwest sides of your home will help block cold winter winds.  Winter heating bills can be reduced up to 30% with this strategy.  An important note to remember when locating these plantings is that most snow will accumulate on the downwind side of your windbreak.  So plant your windbreak at a distance equal to one or two mature tree heights of the chosen species from your roof top and driveway if you can.

Harold Hoover, Board Certified Master Arborist

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